Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Immigration Physical Exam Doctors

Green Card Physical Maryland Exam
To test whether you have a health related problem, the CDC together with the Department of Immigration requires you to undertake a special medical test commonly referred to as a physical. The law requires every green card immigrant to undergo a though medical test to prove their admissibility. This test includes a medical exam, blood test, and x-rays by an approved green card physical Maryland doctor. Interestingly, your own medical doctor cannot perform this test unless they have been approved by the government. The CDC has a list of the approved green card physical examination doctors in Maryland. Just like other medical services, you will be required to pay for the exam.
What Happens in Green Card Physical Maryland Exam?
First of all, the main aim of undertaking a green card physical Maryland exam is to identify any possible health problem that requires attention before you immigrate. The Department of Immigration insists on this exam to ensure immigrants do not transfer illnesses from their places of origin to the United States. There are four main conditions that will render you inadmissible.
  • Individuals with communicable diseases with potential to pose threat to the public
  • Immigrants who haven’t had the necessary vaccinations
  • Individuals with physical and mental disorders
  • Drug abusers and addicts
Before you take the exam, the USCIS will give you a list of their preferred green cardphysical Maryland exam doctors and hospitals. It is upon you to choose the right doctor. Instead of wasting time traveling from one clinic to the other, you can use the locating tool available on Immigration’s website. Book an appointment with your preferred physical exam doctor immediately to avoid delays. As you visit your doctor, remember to fill out form 1-693 Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status and carry it with you to the doctor. 

The cost of taking a green card physical Maryland exam depends on the doctor you visit. But you can find a doctor with pocket-friendly quotes if you take time to research. Your test and the intensity of services offer also determine the amount you pay. If you have already taken some of the required vaccinations, carry your documents with you for proof. It will help to cut back the total cost of the exam. According to your immunization records, your doctor will advise you on any additional immunization that may be required.
A complete green card physical Maryland exam entails a number of tests including tuberculosis, HIV, and other communicable diseases. It also requires a blood test to check if you have syphilis, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases. After the green card physical Maryland exam, your doctor will give you a document to assist you complete your immigration application.